Seller FAQ

How do I become a seller?

You can easily become a seller by clicking on the "Sign Up Now" box above or on the home page. It will take you through the process. Please make sure you have your Paypal email address available as Hangar Swap's payment portal works through Paypal.

How much does it cost to be a seller?

It is free to be a seller on Hangar Swap, but you must have a paypal account.

What are the fees associated with selling?

It is free to list on Hangar Swap. There is a 5% commission fee taken out of each sale price (not including the shipping.) and it caps at $300 per . If you opt in to be part of the Parts Radar system, the monthly subscription is $49.95.

What is the Parts Radar system and what is the benefit of joining?

The Parts Radar system is to help you (the seller) have a higher chance of selling your parts by making your pending products accessible to any potential buyer that searches on Hangar Swap. Also, every single time a potential buyer submits a parts request with the Parts Radar, you will receive an email. Only sellers who are subscribed with the Parts Radar system can receive parts request emails and RFQ's from the Parts Radar search results.

What parts will the potential buyers see if I am part of the Parts Radar system?

If you manually list items, which would be live as soon as you list them, you have a chance to make every line item accessible by uploading your inventory via spreadsheets in the seller import products area. This system is similar to other spreadsheet based parts locators, except you're getting more opportunities for potential buyers.

Do I have to live in the United States to sell on Hangar Swap?

Absolutely not! Hangar Swap welcomes anyone who wants to buy and sell airplane parts, services, etc. The more we support aviation, the better off the industry is. Hangar Swap can be used in different languages by clicking the language icon in the top right corner of the site. Seller is responsible for calculating shipping with the buyer.

Who do I contact when I have questions on selling an item? Examples: I am not sure what category to put this item in or how much should I charge for shipping?

For questions regarding selling on Hangar Swap, please email us at or call the Hangar Swap line at 407-349-9790

What happens when a buyer is unhappy with their purchase?

You have two options in this case. One option is to try to come to an agreement with the buyer. Make sure you make a good, detailed description with your returns policy on it. If you and the buyer cannot come to an agreement, you or the buyer will need to open a case on Paypal. It is solely up to the buyer and seller to communicate regarding an issue with an item.

What is the Services & Opportunities section?

The Services & Opportunities section is where the community can search for or advertise their services, advertise or search for opportunities, and connect. Each ad runs for 30 days, unless recurring ad is chosen. Each ad is $.99. Please visit the section for more information.

What is the Wanted section?

The Wanted section is where the community can connect with sellers with what they're searching for. Each ad runs for 30 days, unless recurring ad is chosen. Each ad is $.99. Please visit the section for more information.

Is the Wanted section free of commission charges?

Yes, the Wanted section is where sellers can reach out to potential buyers looking for specific items. The goal of the Wanted section is to bring the community together.