About Us

In 2015, Rachel Payne, creator of HangarSwap, was left with no other options after she came to a dead end road with a popular auction site. She solely used the site to sell her aircraft salvage yard's parts on. After ending a decade of selling on the popular site, Rachel vowed to finally create the all aviation site she dream of when she started selling at the age of 15. With the support of her husband, her business partner, and their aircraft salvage team she launched the first version of HangarSwap just two weeks after reaching the dead end road with the popular auction site.

Now in less than two years, HangarSwap reaches over 10,000 unique visitors and about a million hits a month. HangarSwap had outgrown its first version at the end of 2016, so Rachel secretly started working on a whole new and improved site. Rachel knew she needed to bring to the table all the knowledge she had accumulated over the past two years, not to mention the decade of selling airplane parts solely online. In 2017, she made it her job to bring to the community something they've never seen before, the new HangarSwap that you see today.